The circle is complete...

Ladies and Gentlemen...we give you...Tommy Anderson on bass guitar.

Bay Area native Tommy Anderson is a 10 year veteran of the local music scene.  He's been known to lay down the low end with bands of all genres: from the psychedelic revival sounds of The Love Dimension, to the relentless riffs of thrash metal outfit Serpent Crown, to the Latin and soul inspired vibes of Down Dirty Shake, to name just a few.  His earliest musical loves are 70’s progressive rock and metal, and as such he wears the influence of players like Chris Squire and Geezer Butler on his sleeve, channeling their baroque style of contrapuntal playing while still keeping it groovy, and, above all, heavy. He is excited to return to the altar of Sabbath worship and join the faithful of BRB already gathered there.

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  • Adriana
    Adriana Alameda
    Hello is Marco the former base player okay? Adriana

    Hello is Marco the former base player okay?


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