Thanks for the Ride

Stay, like you have somewhere to go

But even if you flee

Hey Lady…Thanks for the Ride


The creature comes out at night

You best lay low keep out of sight

It crawls out from under your skin

You can’t fight ‘cause you can’t win

Hey lady…Thanks for the Ride


Pray like you’re going down

Your making your way underground

You stay, but you should’ve gone

You like to be where you don’t belong

I take, you break

I bait and you bite

Take me down with you I’m right at your side

Hey Lady…Thanks for the Ride!


Sworn to Silence

I would be left alone

But something always on my mind

I’ve much yet undone

But there is space and time

I do a lot of re-learning

‘Cause I break and heel

But it seems so hard to find

Something truly keeping


I see my spirit soar

Comes knockin’ at your door

I take a little bit of this

But not much of your bullshit

I do a lot of re-learning

Causes I break and heel

And it seems so hard to find

Something truly worth keeping


I am sworn to silence

I will feel you once you’ve called

Tell me all your fears

They will on deaf ears

Burning Bridges

Make fire burn his lands

Desire comes in hand


Repeat failures from the past

Speak freely while you can.


I give, you take.


Heed the call

Storm to sand

Kill them all

Scorch their land


We press on

Take no slaves

Shore to shore

We kill the brave


Our ships drive on

Search of fame

Pools of blood

Treasure is the game

I’ll hide out

With my virgins

There’s no doubt

Well fit in


Feel the flames

Twist underneath your skin

Tastes just like the blood of your kin

You feel the flames

You fear the flames


Restless are the few.


Feel the flames twist.

The Rift

Please let me stay

Just one moment longer

Is all I need


Don’t take this away

It’s all I have

Just one moment longer and I’ll be free


Please let me stay.

American Standard