"Burn River Burn is a five-piece San Francisco-based bluesy, riff-heavy metal band with John Paterson on vocals, Chuck Howell and Mike Plunkett on guitar, Kevin Amann on drums, and Marco Guzman on bass. The band’s name is a reference to Cleveland, Ohio’s, Cuyahoga River, from which some of the members hail, where the river caught fire in the 1960s. A fitting name - the band’s been raging and melting people with their music since 2009. Somewhere between Black Sabbath’s take on rock ‘n’ roll and Chris Cornell’s sultry vocals, Burn River Burn carries the torch to set fire to a newer generation with their heavier than thou metal riffs, smooth bass lines, slow churning pounding beats, and vocal range that can reach into your core"...


About the Neüstonia Album...

"If you can’t imagine what it’s like to be chased through a metal album, the adrenaline-fueled songs on Neüstonia will definitely get you there without issue. The band’s alternative metal rock style flows well with their dark, pungent lyrics, and had my attention throughout the entire eleven-track album. I am very much looking forward to following this band’s career as they continue to release hard-hitting music."

- Jeremy Handel, Mcleod Media Company


"‘Neüstonia‘ by BURN RIVER BURN is the type of album that gives you fuel to make it through your day. It’s got pulsating riffs, gut punching beats, hypnotic melodies and in your face vocals all delivering you that hard rock sound. You can tell that the band has some Soundgarden/Alice in Chains type influences flowing through their music and it’s all packaged nicely in their own unique style. Give it a listen...and don’t forget to follow and share the band. If you're not following BURN RIVER BURN then you're missing out on some amazing #music."

- Ash, The Music Below


"Sounds fresh...Its everything we need in music...'Sworn to Silence': Oh my god!"

- Arroe Collins, Unplugged and Totally Uncut radio show (iHeart Radio)


"It’s hard to put a label on the band’s sound because Burn River Burn incorporates a ton a genres together to make it their own unique sound. Included in the mix is a heavy dose of Texas groove complete with harmonica (“Into the Vein”). Meanwhile there is a definite grunge overtone accompanied by that Black Sabbath sludge from the 70’s. Throw in some blues and you have Burn River Burn.There isn’t much that Neüstonia doesn’t offer the true rock-n-roll fan...It’s definitely worth garnering a spot in your musical library.

- Larry Ritter, a.k.a. The Big L,  Rustbelt Chronicles.


"These guys really have a unique and eclectic sound and that's something that really captured my attention when I listened to the album.  Something that make them really stand out to me personally is that they are combining many elements of Rock, post-grunge, blues,  even southern rock and classic rock...will really appeal to the masses."

- Kerri Edelman, The Kerri Edelman Radio Show


"...the dual guitars deliver pervasive riffs, and the vocals are powerful and vivid. I can feel some of the influences on listening but this is definitely not tired or dated...This album is a mixed bag of slow burn and outright metal onslaught."

- Maria Glover, Down the Front Media


"This record comes highly recommended...Heavy, groovy and so much fun. Neüstonia is a great record." 

- Toby Saunders, Toby's Rad Reviews


"Burn River Burn's "Neüstonia" is a whisky-soaked, dirt-in-your-teeth ride into the darker recesses of your mind. The album kicks off with a statement - drums alone, idling like a motorcycle engine about to unleash fresh hell on the road. Within seconds, the band kicks the opening track, "Thanks for the Ride," deep into overdrive. For the next 40-plus minutes, the listener is dragged through a sludge-colored trip that leaves one little time to catch one's breath. 

Vocalist John Paterson's raw power owes much to both David Lee Roth and Chris Cornell. On songs like "Waiting", "Into The Vein", and the title track, his voice soars with emotion over dirge-like rhythms churned out by the band. 

The rhythm section of Marco Guzman on bass and Kevin Amann on drums are the unsung heroes of "Neüstonia." The track "Immaculate Contraption" is a punishing rhythmic journey, swinging hard like a thick, steel chain on your skull. The two confidently groove throughout the album, their swagger felt strongly on "Sweet Hurricane."

Rounding out group with two guitars, Chuck Howell and Mike Plunkett throw down heavy riffs as one would expect. However, the two reveal more beneath the surface on "Sworn to Silence", a slow, atmospheric burn that shifts gears into Black Sabbath territory.

From start to finish, "Neüstonia" is a strong release by the San Francisco-based Burn River Burn."

- Neal Gardner, Santa Monica - CA



- Jean Michel Dufour, Stoner and More blog